Buy Adsense Account and register in it. This will be the initial step to earn money from google adsense account.

Control the content of the ads. Not all readers of my blog see the same AdSense ads, because Google is very smart and with the cookies will offer you on screen themes that interest you.

With this I want to make it clear that if one day you get a banner of meetings. Do not look at me! It’s your fault because something you have been researching online before ending up on my blog. It is also true that you can put filters to prevent such ads from appearing, but I have it totally free and there with your conscience and the pages you visit.

When is it charged? For if God, all the saints and the stars of the universe are aligned in a unique conjunction, and you achieve the 70 euros congratulations! You will receive your first Google AdSense payment. Apparently can be charged by check sent by mail or bank transfer. I say this because I still have not managed to reach this magic figure, so month after month I keep these ads and showing this publicity without achieving that for the moment has materialized into something worthy of being called wealth.

Next week I plan to continue detailing other types of things I do to try to get some economic performance from this great personal hobby. I do not want to frighten anyone, let alone demotivate bloggers who feel for their blog the same love and admiration that I feel for my own, but I do intend to get down to the vine to those who think that opening a blog is paying a domain and Sit down to see how your bank account grows. With this I do not want to say that it is impossible (I suppose there will be people much more qualified for this than I and who will have achieved it), but personally I can say that after a year and a half of blogging and without having thought at first that this Of the blog could get me out of poverty, I confess that I dedicate much effort and pampering to what I do, I try to work good publications,

I am nobody to give advice or other bloggers but my maximum in this case is the following: enjoy writing about what you like and if ever luck or money knock on your door welcome be! But that the fact of not generating income with your blog does not discourage you to continue enjoying your hobby.

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